Ladies and gents, it is time to take your hair to the next level. Why settle for an average hairstyle when you can “rock” a hairstyle that is guaranteed to turn heads? Come to Anise Beauty Salon Beauty Salon in West Palm Beach, and allow our team of friendly and experienced stylists to transform your hair into the glorious twists and dreads you desire. Whether your hair is natural, transitioning or relaxed, our seasoned expert stylists can advise you on the best maintenance methods for your twists and dreadlocks. Worried about cost? No worries. We offer a wide range of fabulous hairstyles at an affordable price to fit your budget. You will leave our salon looking like a celebrity, at a fraction of the cost.

Anise Beauty Salon Beauty Salon is one of the well-established hair braiding salons that offers a broad selection of twist styles with extensions to suit your unique style and personality. Some of our options include:

Natural Twists

Natural twists are a great low-maintenance style for women or men, and– depending on your hair length– allow a range of styling options including ponytails, buns and French Rolls. To achieve this look, hair is parted into multiple sections, and each section is divided into two strands which are then twisted.

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese Twists are an elegant protective style and offer versatility in styling (ponytails, updos,etc.) Hair is divided into multiple sections, then strands of synthetic hair are attached to each section and two-strand twisted to create long, sleek twists.

Kinky Twists

Kinky twists are a great style for those who want sexy, voluminous hair that really makes a statement. Hair is parted into multiple sections, then Afro-textured synthetic hair is attached to each section. The hair is then two-strand twisted to form full, bouncy twists. This hairstyle also allows flexibility in styling.

Flat Twists

Flat twists are perfect for men and women. Our stylists can create many fun and modern flat twist styles including Mohawks, French Rolls, and half braid and half flat twist combinations. Synthetic hair can also be added for additional length. To achieve this style, hair is parted into multiple rows,then two-strand twisted close to the scalp.


Backcombing is a highly effective method for creating dreadlocks on natural or relaxed hair. Hair is parted into multiple sections, and a dreadlock comb is used to tease and manipulate the strands.The stylist then rolls sections of hair between his or her palms until dreadlock shapes are formed.Although it may take a few months for the hair to mature and fully lock, you will leave the salon with a sexy dreadlock look.

The Anise Beauty Salon Beauty team is here to help you achieve your ideal twist and dreadlock hairstyles. Call us now for an appointment, or feel free to visit us at our West Palm Beach salon.We look forward to serving you!